Beware of Toner Phoners

The Who & Why - Smooth talking telemarketers claiming to be your ‘copier service provider’.  Some will even say they are with Excel Business Systems.  They usually obtain this information by calling before-hand wanting you to participate in a survey.  Their objective is to sell overpriced toner in large quantities. 

What To Look For - These scammers will inform you of an upcoming price increase and say they are looking to save you money by putting your order in before the increase.  They will usually ask for your machine model and serial number.  From client experience, they will be pushy and unwilling to have you call back. A request to call them back is typically met with an abrupt hang up.

Remember - Excel does not call to solicit toner sales.  When we talk to clients, we have machine data is at our finger tips and we call from a local number (if you have caller id).  If you feel that you may be talking to a toner phoner, we recommend asking for a call back number.   And as always, give us a call if you have any questions or need more information!