The Real Cost of Printing

Take a look around your office - how many pieces of office equipment do you see?  Printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners.  Up until a few years ago, the only option for reliable, high-quality office equipment was to have them all separated by function.  With the advances in technology you can now get high-quality performance from one multi-function machine – the MFP.

Money is the biggest savings when it comes to upgrading from single- function machines to a multi-function unit.  Now you’re probably thinking, how is buying another machine going to help me save money?  Here’s how:  by saving you substantially on toner and drums.  In order to run, each of those machines need toner cartridges and drum units.  Go back over the last month and see how much you’ve spent on toner and drums for all your machines.  We bet you’ll be surprised at the number!

An interesting exercise is to look at how much each print/copy/fax is costing you.  To find that number take the price of the cartridge and divide by the yield.  The resulting number will be the amount that each print off that machine costs you.  Here’s an example:

$49.95 per cartridge / 1500 yield   =  $0.0333 per page cost

Not sure of the costs and yields for your machine?  Give us the models numbers and we’d be happy to write up a cost analysis for your office.  Give us a call at 360.443.2220 or email