Scanners vs. MFP Scanning

"Why can't I just use the scanning feature on my MFP?"  This is a common question businesses have when the subject of stand-alone scanners comes up.  Why purchase another piece of equipment when you already have something that does the job?  There are numerous benefits to stand-alone scanners, but it really comes down to how much scanning a business does.  If you find yourself only doing two- and three-page scans a few times a day, the scanner on your MFP unit is a good option.  That being said, with more and more companies moving to electronic records our industry is finding that these scanning units can be cumbersome when high scanning demands are required. 

MFP scanners are great for small batches of paper in perfect condition - no folds, curls or holes.  These pages need to be of the same size and paper weight, rather than what is called 'mixed originals'.  The imageFORMULA scanners are designed to handle what MFP units cannot.  And since they are stand-alone machines, printing and copying won't be put on hold while scanning is taking place.  Another great feature of Canon's scanners is the ability to scan both sides of a page in a single pass - significantly speeding up the scanning process.  Below are a few of the best sellers from Canon's imageFORMULA line.  Contact us for more info on different models or to discuss your scanning needs - we'd love to hear from you! 


 P-125 Scantini

 $325 MSRP / 1 year limited warranty

 Brochure  -  Competitive Comparison








  $1,295 MSRP / 1 year limited warranty

  Brochure  -  Competitive Comparison








  ScanFront 300P

   $2,295 MSRP / 1 year ScanFront warranty

   Brochure  -  Competitive Comparison